Ben Sparaco

And The New Effect



-1965 Fender Jazzmaster

-Fender ’59 Reissue Stratocaster w/Alembic Stratoblaster

-Danelectro U2 Baritone

-Gibson Custom Dickey Betts SG w/added master volume.

-1953 Gibson Les Paul w/added humbuckers and Bigsby

-1960s Harmony Sovereign Acoustic


Effects and Pedals

Pedalboard signal chain (loops 1-6 on true bypass looper): TC Electronic Polytune Mini -> (1) Mu-Tron Micro Tron III ?(2) ARC Effects Big Green Pi -> (3) J Rockett Audio Archer -> (4) Mad Professor Little Green Wonder -> (5) Farm Pedals Boost of The Dead -> (6) Keeley DynoMyRoto -> Earthquakler Devices Avalanche Run -> Strymon Flint



-Vintage Sound Amplification 35SC (Vibrolux style) + matching 2×12 cabinet w/WGS speakers

-1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb w/Eminence Hemp Dog speaker

-Quilter 101 Reverb

Slides, picks, strings, etc.:

-Adamas graphite 2.00mm picks

-D’Addario capos

-D’Addario nickel plated 11-49 strings

-Dunlop Blues Bottle Slides


Other gear used live and in studio

Muleskinner Custom 20 watt “Little Martha” Amp, small Alessandro 4×10 speaker cabinet, Shure SM58B mics, SE Electronics VR1 mics, Shure SM7B mics, Electro-Voice 635C mics.


Proudly endorsing:

Keeley Electronics

Alessandro High End Products

Tone Tubby Speakers

Muleskinner Amps