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“Don’t Try To Wake Me Up” Reviewed in London

December 24, 2016

London-based music blog “musicmusingsandsuch” reviewed the single “Don’t Try To Wake Me Up” off my forthcoming album “Wooden.” It’s an in depth review that also covers my last release, Bring The Jubilee EP?and much more. It’s great to get some love from across the pond, where the single was given a 9.2/10 rating.

Some quotes from the review:

“The guitars shine and the delicious licks are not bashful when getting into the earlobes (and other more visible regions). The songwriting looks at humanity and deeper issues but never truly exposes its meanings. The lyrics keep oblique and can be open to interpretations.”

“Don?t Try to Wake Me Up?has some of the more spirited and juggernaut components of?Bring the Jubilee?but there is a tonal shift. Things are more stripped back and there is a move from Country/Blues-Rock to Folk-Rock. That Folk element has not only defined the foundations but the lyrics too. The words are more compelling and direct.”

“The way the vocals sound and are delivered reminds me a little of the late, great Leonard Cohen: there is no quite the low-down gravel and gravy of Cohen?s voice but something in the way it sounds that made me think of him.”

Read the full review here:

TRACK REVIEW: Ben Sparaco – Don?t Try to Wake Me Up