-Gibson Custom Dickey Betts SG in open E tuning. Added 60s “Custom Made” plaque and tape design on the front and 50s Grover tuners.

-1953 Gibson Les Paul in standard, drop D, and open E tuning. Routed for humbuckers with Sheptone Blue Sky pickups.

-90s Fender ’57 Reissue Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups.

-1959 Silvertone U-1 in standard and open E tuning.

-1959 Gibson LG-1 with a K&K Pure Mini Pickup

-1970 Harmony Mandolin with a DeArmond pickup


Effects and Pedals

Pedalboard signal chain: TC Electronic Polytune -> Earthquaker Devices Spatial Delivery Envelope Filter -> J Rockett Audio Devices Archer Overdrive -> Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte Delay -> Alessandro Switchbox.



-Alessandro 1/2AZZ 50 watt head and 4×10 cabinet with two Alessandro Neo speakers and two Eminence/Alessandro SC-64 speakers. Alessandro Muzzle Attenuator is used in smaller venues.

-1967 Fender Super Reverb

-1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb with a JBL D120F speaker (main studio amp, live backup amp)

-1966 Fender 2×12 cabinet with JBL D120F speakers


Slides, picks, strings, etc.:

-Dunlop Blues Bottle Slides size 275 (medium size, heavy wall thickness)

-DR Pure Blues .11-50 strings (.12-52 in open C#)

-DR Sunbeam .11-50 strings (acoustic)

-Adamas Graphite 2.00mm picks (Ben usually doesn’t play with a pick)

-D’Addario Capos

-Alessandro and D’Addario cables


Other gear used live and in studio

1960s Kay Parlor Guitar,¬†Muleskinner Custom 20 watt “Little Martha” Amp, Alessandro 4×10 speaker cabinet, Tone Tubby 4×12 speaker cabinet, various tremolos, various wah pedals, Shure SM58 mics, Se VR1 mics, Neuman U67 mics, Shure SM7B mic, Electro-Voice 635C mic.

Proudly endorsing K-Line Guitars,¬†D’Angelico Guitars,¬†Alessandro High End Products, Muleskinner Amps and Tone Tubby Speakers.